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IV. Emergency

Lost & Damaged Card

If your card is lost or stolen, if you think someone is using your card, PIN, and/or access codes without your permission, or if your card is damaged or malfunctions:

1. You must contact us as soon as possible and you must provide us with your account or card number and either your username and password or other identifying details that we deem acceptable for verification purposes.

2. Once we have obtained your consent to close the account, we will then provide you with a replacement card with a corresponding new account loaded with an amount equivalent to your last available balance.

3. Once we have been notified of any loss or theft, we will suspend the payment services as soon as we are able to limit any further losses. We can only take steps to prevent unauthorized use of the payment services if you can provide us with the account or card number and username and password and if you can produce sufficient details to identify yourself and the relevant account.

4. Replacement cards will be posted to the most recent account address registered by you. Failure to provide the correct address will result in a card replacement fee.

5. If you subsequently find or retrieve a card that you have reported as lost or stolen, you must immediately destroy the found card by cutting it in half through the magnetic stripe and chip.

* If you lose or damage your card, immediately freeze your card by going to the “Cards” tab on our app or website. Freezing your card protects your money while you order and wait for your replacement card. You can also block your card by chatting with us.

Lost & Damaged Phone

If you lose or damage your phone, your MyMonty card will still continue to work and you will be able to continue using all services.
Please download our app to your new phone, enter your phone number where you will receive a new verification code and confirm it using the website. You can also chat with us to verify your new phone.

Recover the PIN

You can use the mobile app to unblock your PIN.
Go to “Settings”
Tap on “Unblock the Account.” Your account should then be ready for use. You can also connect with us through our chatbot for further assistance.

Unblock the Account

If you incorrectly enter your PIN three times, your card will be automatically blocked for security reasons.
You can use the mobile app to unblock your PIN or contact us: help@mymonty.com Call by phone: Mobile Number