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Start your venture into FinTech with our full suite of financial services and stay ahead of the curve. By partnering with MyMonty, you will be able to grow your b2b at a scale by leveraging on our international presence while going above and beyond your customers’ expectations.


Technology Services

Scalable Architecture

Process Workflows

Core Security

Logs & Protocols

Reports & Insights

Back Office

Scalable Architecture

We offer ready-to-use APIs from our large marketplace, building a modern core platform based on microservices, and prebuilt integrations with banks and providers:


  • Card Management System (CMS)
  • FX exchange platforms
  • 3rd party verification processes (REGTECH)
  • SMS providers and much more


Our APIs are RESTful by nature, allowing you to increase control over de-centralized resources and ensure transparency and reliability through parallel processing and optimal security, all from one single interface.


In addition to being PSD2 compliant, our Open-API ready to connect model is reinforced with an efficient two-factor authentication to safeguard our customers and ensure a secure yet seamless connection between an end customer and a third-party provider.

Process Workflows

Our straightforward Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) spares you the hassle of hard coding and programming; our advanced business logic sketching tool provides a visual editor enabling you to create and edit any business process from the back office of our core banking platform based on your requirements, regulations and business needs quickly and easily.

Core Security

A good banking software is measured mainly by its data security and its ability to counter cyber-attacks and hacks. Therefore, we have built a bulletproof system from the ground up, putting data security and your customer’s peace of mind at the heart of our core banking software. No matter if you are on premises or on cloud, we are platform-agnostic and we ensure the implementation of the latest compliance standards, namely the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a European regulatory requirement, which we enforce through multiple methods:


  • OTP/MAC generator
  • Secure tokens
  • Blockchain network
  • Real-time fraud detection and counter-management procedures
  • Encrypted communication channels
  • Data safes storage

Logs & Protocols

A well-tailored Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system giving your employees visibility on what they should see. As for logs they are created to track users’ activity, regardless of their role, while providing you with internal and external auditing and protecting your system from insiders’ fraudulent actions.

Reports & Insights

We offer you an advanced analytical tool, allowing your admins to:


  • Generate performance, technical, financial reports and more
  • Represent vital data in multiple graphical formats. All reports can be easily visualized, customized, printed or downloaded to the drive upon your request.
  • Drive your strategic and marketing decisions, system upgrades, and flag any incompatibility with regulators, central banks, credit bureau, and government.
  • Collect customer insights to assist you in improving your customers’ experience, engagement, and satisfaction.


This tool is not only for your admins and operators; our core also allows your customers to export their statements of accounts, payments history, cards statement and many more custom reports in .pdf and .xml formats anytime, anywhere.

Back Office

We give you all the control you need through an intuitive back-end interface including admin/operator/manager dedicated modules to:


  • Facilitate your daily banking operations including authorizations, accounting, clearance.
  • Manage your customers and modules
  • Create local tables and parameters
  • Set taxation rules and limits
  • Control user access
  • Monitor transactions for clearance, anti-fraud, and financial accounting in compliance with IFRS and local requirements
  • Set up and customize a chart of accounts
  • Generate statements and reports
  • Settle Outgoing/incoming payment orders through SWIFT and SEPA
  • Make Nostro/Vostro transfers


MyMonty offers a full digital banking functionality suite helping you deliver both innovation and real customer value.

Financial Accounting & General Ledger

This module provides a comprehensive reporting and encompasses real-time and multi-currency accounting of financial transactions in compliance with (IFRS).

Web & Mobile banking apps

This module provides branded app with modern design for the ultimate end-user experience offering your customers greater visibility as well as an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Secure Authentication

Our smart solution helps you ensure secure authentication and payments for customers through a branded mobile app that generates a one-time password.

Payment Card Issuing

With this module, you can launch your own payment card issuing program.

Fees & Commissions

This module allows you to set different rates: standard, by customer group, specific to each user, bonuses for agents.

Payments & Transfers

This module allows you to manage and process payments in your back office.

Global payments with different currencies

This module provides an automated currency conversion via API.

Current Account Management

Tap into the core of your digital bank and enable your customers to carry out operations.

Our KYC & AML module

We protect your business through secure identity checks and regulatory requirements.

Customer Onboarding

Benefit from our fully automated onboarding to manage your customers effectively!