Who We Are

With MyMonty™, you get the most comprehensive global digital banking experience, anytime, anywhere.

A Step Forward into the Future

As the entire world embraces digital, basic banking and financial services are no longer a luxury but a right for all people

Step into the Future

We Believe in Equal Opportunities

Everyone should have access to basic banking services. Whether you are tech savvy, underserved, unbanked or underbanked, our purpose is to serve you in the best possible way

Equal Opportunities

Digital all the Way

Digital is at the heart of our operations.
Send, Receive and Request funds in multiple currencies with a single tap and benefit from a contactless and seamless experience you will enjoy!

Digital All the Way

Our Culture, Our Foundation

Our devoted, agile, and multicultural team is committed to go the extra mile in digitizing your future and making your life easier

Culture & foundation
Our values

We Believe in


We provide equal opportunities and rights to everyone.


We ensure no one is left behind or is marginalized.


We work in a conscientious way while upholding our loyalty and truthfulness.


We always strive to provide high quality services.


We remain true to our core values and we vow to pursue them with full dedication.


We work in an effective and responsible manner.

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