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VI. Junior Account

How do I link my teen to my account?

Once you've set up your account, you'll want your teen to download the app as well. This will allow them to set up their own account access so they can check their balances and manage their money.

To link your teen, please log into MyMonty app, tap on "View All Accounts" near the top of your screen and select your teen's name. Once on your teen's page, you'll see a banner with the option to add your teen. Tap on "Add" and the app will walk you through linking them:


If your teen already downloaded the app, please select yes and a unique QR Code will display. Your teen can be linked by scanning this code in their app or camera or you can share it via message.


If your teen hasn't downloaded the app, please select no. You can then invite them to download the app from your contacts or by manual invitation entering their phone number.

Rest assured giving access to your teen will not allow them to initiate deposits from your account, or to access the funds within your balance on the app. They will only be able to view their own balances, transactions, and account information, as well as move money into their Savings or Giving pods.

How do I set up an allowance for my teen?

Setting up an allowance for your teen will create a scheduled, recurring transfer to them daily, weekly, or monthly. You can set these up from the home screen on the Current app after you login by following the steps below:

1. First, tap to view all your accounts, then tap the teen you'd like to set up an allowance for.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the home screen.

3. Tap "Allowance" and then choose "Setup Allowance".

4. Choose an amount and a funding source for the allowance.

5. Set a start date for your allowance to begin on, either today or in the future.

*Note: If you choose an ACH funding source the allowance will initiate a deposit on the date you choose, the settlement of the deposit will depend on ACH timing and your external bank.

6. Choose a frequency for the allowance. You can choose Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly.

7. To finish setting up the allowance, review it and then tap Confirm.

How do I limit my teen's spending?

As a parent, you have the ability to control when, where, and how your teens spend with their Current cards. These tools are designed with both safety and responsibility in mind. To locate these settings, you should:

1. Log into the app and tap the teen's name from the home screen.

2. Then tap Card Settings.

From here you can turn the card on and off, set daily spending limits, block businesses by type, and order a new card if it's lost.

Turning the card on and off:

At the top of the screen you can switch the card on and off using the toggle switch. This is useful if you've misplaced the card at home or want to simply turn it off for a while.

Spending Limits:

Below the teen's information, you can set limits to both daily ATM use and a daily spending limit for purchases. By default, these are set to the maximum of Euro 500 for ATM withdrawals and a Euro 1,000 per day spending limit. Please note these are daily limits, they are not per transaction limits.

Spending Categories:

Below the spending limit settings you can toggle each category on or off, including the use of ATMs altogether.

Lost Card:

If the card has been lost, you can order a new one at the bottom of the menu.

What happens if my child is asked to show their ID when using the card?

The request to verify the cardholder’s identity is at the discretion of the retailer, and unfortunately not something that we can control.
To help reduce the inconvenience of being asked for ID, please be sure that your child has signed the back of the card. This may help to limit the times that ID is requested. Additionally, if your child has a student or other ID, it may be advisable for them to carry it when they intend to make a purchase using the card.