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Monty Finance to enter MEA next year with latest FinTech services

Jan 07, 2022

Monty Finance to enter MEA next year with latest FinTech services

Monty Finance offers a futuristic ‘MyMonty’, featuring advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) features and unique online user experiences. Its customers will be able to use their contactless cards to transact anywhere in the world, anytime, with ease via the market exchange rate.

Mountasser Hachem, Chairman and Founder, Monty Finance, said: “We are excited to bring banking essentials to many businesses and people in due course, ultimately providing a one-stop-shop, easy-to-use financial solution is beneficial for the region and the world.”

Hachem says that many businesses and consumers are currently underserved or frustrated with levels of service, while even more people are part of the unbanked population with opportunities to open a bank account or receive and send money. “Monty Finance aspires to break these trends, ushering in a new chapter of online banking prosperity for all,” he added. 

According to the statement, across the MEA market, an apparent shortage of digital financial services players continues to persist, presenting a tremendous opportunity for growth in this segment by offering modern and effective services to businesses and consumers.

Monty Finance has prioritised delivering new value to these communities with essential banking and payments services that restore balance and make life easier for millions of people in the process, said the statement.

Monty Finance’s consumers can avail of its features including digital on-boarding, personal financial management, and next-generation payment instruments. At the same time, end-users will also be able to receive virtual and physical cards, avail competitive digital lending options in due course, utilise its AI-tailored offerings, and engage in Monty Finance loyalty programs accompanied by reward coupon management and redemption opportunities.

The financial services will first become active in the European market during Q4 2021, followed by MEA in 2022, with the UAE and Saudi Arabia being the key markets.

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