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III. Setting UP

Editing Personal Details
  • Delivery address, password, or email: You can change this information yourself at any time in the app. Just go to “Settings” and select “Profile” to edit your details.
  • Name, phone number: This information cannot be changed due to security reasons.

ID Verification
  • You must verify your identity to begin using MyMonty services. Please follow the instructions provided after downloading the app and provide all screenshots or photos that are required to verify your identity.

Deactivating Account

If you want to close your account, it can be a time-consuming and difficult process to set up a new account using the same number. This is the main reason we advise against definitely closing your account.
If you choose to deactivate it, nonetheless, please open the “Settings” tab, press “Deactivate account” and follow the instructions.
Please note that we keep your data for 6 years to comply with regulatory requirements.
To discuss deactivating your account, please feel free to chat with us.

Forgotten Password

Guess what, you do not need to worry if you forgot your password. It is not required. To access your account on the app or our website, you will receive and have to confirm a code through your phone.