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II. Payment Tools


Money can be withdrawn from any ATM machine in any country that supports MasterCard.

Important Notes

  • Please be aware of applied ATM fees.
  • Please try to withdraw your money “without conversion.” You should always be charged in the local currency. For example, if you are in the United States you should withdraw in USD.
  • If you choose “with conversion”, the bank can apply their own exchange rate which will result in additional fees.

Limits for withdrawals:

  • Max Daily Limit ATM - €750
  • Max Daily Limits for Withdrawals ATM - 10
  • Max Daily POS - €3000
  • Max Daily POS Transactions - 20
  • Max Monthly POS - €3,000
  • Max Yearly POS - €36,000

Transaction Fees:

  • ATM withdrawal / SEPA region - 0,41% + €1.38
  • ATM withdrawal / International per - 2,30% + €2.76
  • ATM balance inquiry / PIN change - €0.81
  • Transaction Decline/ Return fee - €0.16
  • POS Domestic / First 25 POS transactions - free
  • POS Domestic / Transactions; 25 per month - €0.12

When sending funds to your MyMonty account, we recommend that you or other senders make a SEPA transfer using your IBAN. We have different types of transfers available that you can choose from:


You can send any debit transfers within the Single Euro Payments Area

Internal Transfers

It is easy to send and receive money using our app if the recipient of the transfer is also a MyMonty member. Only a phone number is needed to initiate the transfer.

Top Up From Card

It is possible to top up your MyMonty card from different cards.

1. You are responsible for checking and confirming payment details and fees before making a payment to us or to your account.

2. When enabled, you may be eligible to instruct other organizations to create regular Direct Debits from your Account. You will be responsible for ensuring that the correct details are provided in order for the Direct Debit to be created. You must ensure at all times that you have a sufficient available balance to allow for the funds to be debited from your account. You are responsible for checking the terms and conditions that have been provided to you by the organization receiving the Direct Debit payments.


There is no limit on transfers P2P or Card to Card on the network.

Loading Limits:

  • Max Load Per Day - €5000
  • Max Load tries Per Day - 20
  • Max Individual Load Limit - €5000
  • Max Balance on Card - €50,000
  • Monthly Load Limit - €10,000
  • Yearly Load Limit - €120,000

Your balance is automatically updated after each transaction. You can see all updates on our app.
Go to “Settings” and click on “Payment History” to check all your transactions.